3D Home Media Terms of services- 3D Rendering


We are a dedicated architectural visualization team. Our Mission is to provide premium quality photo-realistic images at a fraction of the cost, with an exceptional level of customer service. We want you to get ahead in the property market by benefiting from the realism of our images and taking advantage of our outstanding price point.


By using the 3DHomeMedia website and/or purchasing services from us, you agree to the terms of service set forth in this Agreement. We reserve the right to change or modify the provisions of this Agreement at any time. You should check this Agreement periodically for changes. If you do not agree to our terms of service, you should not use our website or purchase our services. By using this website and/or purchasing services from us, you agree to be legally bound and abide by these Terms of Service, just as if you had signed a written legal agreement.

1) The company of 3DHomeMedia is excited to be providing professional services to your project and look to uphold the highest possible level of attention, integrity and confidentiality through all stages of the management and creation of architectural 3D images and animations. We hope you will enjoy the benefit of our superior level of finish at a reduced price. 

2) 3DHomeMedia will provide images based on the client’s plans and instructions. All still renders will be created quickly and dependent on the quantity ordered will be provided back to the client within around 5 days of ordering. Animations, due to their complexity will take a little longer, approximately 3 weeks from commencement. Please be mindful that 3DHomeMedia will not accept liability nor be held responsible for any perceived loss caused to the client as a result of misrepresentation or for any delays arising in the delivery of the renders. 3DHomeMedia’s liability to the client for breach of contract or negligence is limited to the replacement value only. 3DHomeMedia, without limitation is not liable for consequential loss or damages however arising. 3DHomeMedia is to be indemnified by the client for all claims arising from unlawful use of material supplied by the client in the production of the product or service.


3) The client acknowledges 3DHomeMedia will not commence the work until confirmation of payment of the 50% deposit into our account and the final images will not be provided, nor may the client be able to use completed or partly completed images until confirmation of 50% final payment is received. All additional changes to work that are agreed by both parties are to be charged for accordingly and 3DHomeMedia reserves the right to suspend work subject to any additional charges being paid.


4) 3DHomeMedia will complete all work, from modelling, adding texture and lighting and post-production effects. Once the render is complete it will be proofed. Any errors will be addressed. Minor alterations [up to 30% change] to the render may be entertained for the nominal fee quoted on this contract. If considerable changes are requested, we may need to provide a quote beyond the nominal change fee. Change fees will be added to the balance invoice for these alterations.

5) Where a Quotation or Invoice comprises of more than one item, we reserve the right to pro-rata the final invoice on completion of items before the total items have been completed, where items in the total order cannot be completed or are delayed due to the client’s delay in providing information to complete such items or where the client requests items separate to the completion of the total order.


6) 3DHomeMedia quotes for images at a standard size of 4000 pixels wide & 3000 pixels height. If you have further size requirements, please communicate this and the quotation will be adjusted accordingly. The quoted cost of rendered images does not include the release of working files. 3DHomeMedia reserves the right to refuse release of working files at our discretion.


7) Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is acknowledged through any payment of monies relating to this quotation.