Floor Plans can be presented in many ways. Assigning colors and textures, adding furniture and details to floor plans can give your clients the complete picture of a property.  

We offer Floor Plans Service that provides you with the different styles of floor plans that you can use in any marketing products.

  • 2D Black & White Floor Plan

  • 2D Color Floor Plan

  • 3D Floor Plan

  • 3D Interactive Floor Plan

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2D Black & White Floor Plan

2D Floor Plan for Architecture, Engineering & Construction. Black and White Floor Plans will show you property interior layouts with a clean simple look. We will provide you a 2D black and white architectural floor plan with 99%+ accuracy. You can order in PDF or a CAD File. 

From $49

2D Colored Floor Plan

A more desirable visual mapping of any space. For visual impact we provide the Color Floor Plans. We can apply real life materials and textures to the different surfaces such as floors, walls, grass, plants, water.

We can add furniture and landscaping to the floor plan and increase details. Colored 2D floor plans provide the details of room layout and dimensions. 

From $99 
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3D Floor Plan Rendering

3D Floor Plans help the clients to see the whole house from above. All 3D floor plan renderings are created as 3D models with to-scale furniture and real life materials. 3D floor plans allow your clients to visualize the interior of the project in a way that a 2D floor plan cannot.

To create the 3D presentation of your new design, our skilled architect will take your ideas, sketches and photos, mixed with their construction knowledge and design talent, to produce an interactive 3D rendering of the entire area!

From $149 
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Online Order & Pricing

3DHomeMedia delivers excellent results on every project. Below, please find our cost effective Architectural 3D Rendering Prices for consideration and reference: