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3DHomeMedia is a rising business that offers the superior way to engage your prospects. We specialize in producing photorealistic 3D architectural renderings and animated virtual tour videos for real estate marketing and new construction presentation. 

Our mission is to provide premium quality photo-realistic images and animations at a fraction of the cost with an exceptional level of customer service. Whether your enterprise is with commercial or residential real estate, 3DHomeMedia will facilitate showings to ensure the most eye-catching rendering on the market. 

We are located in Dallas Texas, Some services we offer, but are not limited to, are commercial and residential interior & exterior rendering, virtual landscaping, virtual remodeling, virtual staging, and 2D/3D floor plan rendering, each customized for our client’s winning result.

3D Site Plan Rendering 

A site plan is a graphic representation of all existing and proposed improvements to a site. Sometimes referred to as a plot plan, the site plan functions as a map for a development project.

Sites plan typically show buildings, roads, sidewalks and paths/trails, parking, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, lighting, and landscaping and garden elements.

3d site plan rendering  is mainly used to show the exact way that the intended land use relates to the features of a parcel and its surrounding area. 

Multi-Family & Apartment Rendering

Multifamily housing is characterized by multiple units in a single building or connected by shared walls. It can be developed at a range of heights and densities, from low-rise duplexes to high-rise apartment complexes.

3D interior and exterior renderings give us a photorealistic  image of an apartment building before it has gone under construction. 3D Home Media brings a digital model to life with furniture and landscaping to give it a realistic effect. 

Townhouse 3D Rendering

As a Dallas based 3D Rendering Company, one of our most common requests is exterior renderings of new townhouse developments. We consider this to be our "bread and butter" as we've completed so many of these projects with fantastic reviews.

Townhouse renderings can have a number of uses, most commonly they are created for marketing purposes; however, sometimes regulatory bodies will require that you get a render done to show how the new building is going to fit into the neighborhood.