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Interactive Architectural Virtual Studio

Virtual 3D Product and Material Configurator

With 360 Architectural Design Configurators and 3D Visualizations, you can present your space with different design options and material selections. 

Scene based visualizers allow users to customize your product as well as the environment they’re seen in and the ability to customize everything in a 3D environment.

Why a 3D Product Configuration?

Our design configurator is a real-time, transformative, photorealistic visualization service that takes the guesswork away from conceptualizing the final designs.

Don’t know how to get started? Partner with our pros to help accelerate your project. Let us know your needs and goals, and we will help you navigate the specifics.

What Is A 3D Product & Material Configurator?

A three-dimensional product and material configurator is a software-based solution allowing you to visualize designs in interactive variations. It features a 3D model that can be customized to project specifications. For example, 3D product configuration for designing a couch allows you to pick its color, material, and additional features before making final design decisions. It is an interactive and engaging visualization experience for several industries and businesses. 

View Product Demo

Downloadable on windows or mac 
Interactive embedded tour within a website
Interactive within any devices
VR (virtual reality) ready 

Lets Work Together

Stand out from your competition and drive conversions by engaging prospects in an immersive design session. Put your clients in the driver’s seat and give them an interactive experience to explore all features and functions of your designs.

With a capable partner like 3D Home Media, you can outsource this specialized task to those who understand its ins and outs. In no time, you’ll receive what you require with absolute care and precision. Let us know your thoughts and goals, and we’ll make that happen. What else?

  • You receive an interactive embedded tour within the website

  • The designs are downloadable on windows and mac computers

  • The designs are VR (virtual reality) ready 

Wish to enable an interactive and engaging 3D experience for your clients? 3D Home Media can help. We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with top-notch design services. Please get in touch with us for more information. Call 844-731-0404 or fill out this contact form for better assistance.

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