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3D Floor Plan Rendering

3D Floor Plans help the clients to see the whole house from above. All 3D floor plan renderings are created as 3D models with to-scale furniture and real life materials. 3D floor plans allow your clients to visualize the interior of the project in a way that a 2D floor plan cannot.

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Dollhouse View
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Add-On to 3D Floor Plan Rendering Only

Dollhouse rendering is a new seen from 3D floor plans

when you need to show properties that have more than one level . They are used to graphically explain have different floors connect to each other.


The dollhouse view is exactly how it sounds; it shows you the section of a home as if it were a dollhouse on your living room floor, offering a look into the full structure. The dollhouse view shows the interior structure of the home in 3D.

Urban Architecture

Step by Step Process

Architectural 3D Rendering Services 

Residential & Single Family Only

  1. Review our residential rendering prices and options here.  

  2. Review 3DHomeMedia terms of service here.

  3. When you are ready to submit your order, you can call us at 1 (844) 731-0404 or email us at info@3dhomemedia.com.

  4. Provide full set of architecture drawings  (PDF's, CAD, Revit, SketchUp, or any other available format) 

  5. Once we receive your order and payment, we will get started on your project. If emailing or calling to place your order, we’ll send out the invoice directly to you after confirming your order. 

  6. Within 3-5 business days for smaller projects and 7-10 business days for larger projects, we will provide you with initial draft (White Box Rendering(s)) to review and comments on the structural 3d model, view angles, furniture and also markup your materials & colors

We stay at this stage until we have your final approval on this white box rendering (Unlimited revision).

7. Within 3-7 business days, we produce the image with materials for you to review and note your comments via our client portal.  If you would like to make any material changes to the initial rendering(s), we will do them at no additional charge (One free material or color revision).

8. Once we receive your comments, we will provide you with the final rendering within 2 to 7 business days. You will receive the high quality files (4K) via email. All the final rendering(s) will be professionally post-processed and delivered in high resolution format. 

If you would like to make changes after we provide you with the final rendering, a revision fee of $99 to $199 per view will be applied.


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