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3D Exterior Rendering Services

Get to Know 

It is no secret that 3D renderings play a crucial role in the success of a construction project. The illustrations make for important elements of both the interior and exterior design process.

Talking about exterior rendering, it allows you to present the supposed development to the client in a digital format for approvals and feedback. 


At 3D Home Media, we have experts with the right skill set to create eye-catching 3D exterior designs that come to life. We can render for multiple professionals including real estate agents, construction companies, builders, developers, designers, and architects. 

3D Home Media can provide the best-in-class 3D rendering solutions for all your business needs. 

Step by Step Process
What do we Offer? 
step by step process
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Step by Step Process

  1. Review our residential rendering prices and options here.  

  2. Review 3DHomeMedia terms of service here.

  3. When you are ready to submit your order, you can call us at 1 (844) 731-0404 or email us at

  4. Provide full set of architecture drawings  (PDF's, CAD, Revit, SketchUp, or any other available format) 

  5. Once we receive your order and payment, we will get started on your project. If emailing or calling to place your order, we’ll send out the invoice directly to you after confirming your order. 

  6. Within 3-5 business days for smaller projects and 7-10 business days for larger projects, we will provide you with an initial draft (White Box Rendering(s)) to review and comment on the structural 3d model, view angles, landscape and also markup your material. ​We stay at this stage until we have your final approval on this white box rendering (Unlimited revision). If you’re in a hurry to get your architectural plan render done, let us know and we can typically accommodate your needs.

  7. Within 3-7 business days, we produce the image with materials and landscape for you to review and note your comments via our client portal.  If you would like to make any material changes to the initial rendering(s), we will do them at no additional charge (One free material or color revision).

  8. Once we receive your comments, we will provide you with the final rendering within 2 to 7 business days. You will receive the high quality files (4K) via email. All the final rendering(s) will be professionally post-processed and delivered in high resolution format. 

If you would like to make changes after we provide you with the final rendering, a revision fee o will be applied.


1th Draft

White box rendering


2nd Draft

White box rendering


3rd Draft



4th Draft

Post Process 

what do we offer

What do we Offer for Residential Projects?

3D rendered images created by 3D Home Media are three-dimensional visuals that showcase the exterior design of a prospective architectural project.

These three-dimensional visualizations can help the architect, construction company, homeowner, and others associated with the project to understand the construction and its surroundings before physically putting a slab.

3D exterior renders help turn ideas and designs into a piece of art to accelerate development.

360 Extrior Pano
4. 360 Exterior Pano

Aerial 360° virtual rendering allows the viewer to see the entire exterior of the property and surrounding. These images can be published in a variety of formats, from a fully customizable interactive tour within a website, or as interactive images within social media.

  • High quality 360 panorama

  • Interactive spin

  • Pano video file included

  • Embed as iframe or script to your website

  • Facebook, Twitter, & direct link to share in social media

Multi Family


Exterior architectural renderings afford a good view of the façade. Architects or builders planning to propose new constructions can benefit from these types of visualization services. The model can be very straightforward or full of design components, including landscape, surrounding properties, fences, streets, and even people to furnish a sense of location.

When you are ready to submit your order, you can call us at 1 (844) 731-0404 or email us at


The Benefits of 3D Exterior Rendering

3D visualizations can enhance your marketing impact with high-res photorealistic three-dimensional renders. Our artists are well-versed in color theory, visual perspective, landscape, structural engineering, and the like. This data is put into a 3D rendering software delivering a realistic result. The benefits you get with 3D-rendered images include the following:

  • Easily convey your vision of the structure

  • It allows for obtaining a more insightful feedback

  • A bigger and better view of the entire exterior design

  • Predict the look and feel of the development

  • Identity errors and fix them before beginning the construction

  • You can also use these images for marketing yourself or your brand

For these and many more reasons, it is crucial to invest in 3D rendering for exterior design projects. These renders can streamline your operations and allow collaborations for improved communications.
Get in touch with the 3D Media Home artists to see how much they can assist you with your design needs.

the benefits o 3d exterior rendrig
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